Kyathi Leburu

Mechanical Engineer

Age: 23

From: Hyderabad, India

Course: MSc Automotive and Motorsport Engineering

Level: 5

In 2018, Kyathi joined the TT Zero team as a volunteer. He helped improve and optimize the battery management system on the bike which will compete in the 2019 Isle of Man TT Zero race.

Kyathi is a Mechanical Engineering graduate with a dissertation in the field of mechatronics. His passion for racing started off with an early career in karting and then moved to motorcycle training at the age of 18. As the Driver Controls Team Leader for Class 2 Formula Student Team 2019, he has the design, technical and management experience that allowed him to join the TT Zero Team.

After finishing his education, Kyathi is looking forward to starting work in the motorsport industry.


LinkedIn: Kyathi Leburu