Carlos Hermosin Acasuso

Unsprung Manager

Age: 22

From: Seville, Spain

Course: Motorsport Engineering

Level: 5

Carlos first got involved with Brunel Racing in 2014 during the first year of his Master’s degree in Motorsport Engineering. He is now 22 years old and is responsible for the Unsprung area of the car. He is passionate about cars, motorcycles and any machine that runs on wheels, which is the reason why he moved from Spain, is home country, to have a solid foundation that would set him ahead to fulfil his ambitions in the automotive/motorsport industry.

Carlos has industry experience from various placements at Renault as a procurement intern (gearbox manufacturing factory, Seville, Spain), at Williams Advanced Engineering as a Design Engineer where he spent more than a year, and more recently completed a summer placement at Jaguar Land Rover, as an Axle Quality Engineer.

He plans to reshape the suspension system of the car to deliver better performance and reliability, also as part of his major group project dissertation with BR. His objective is to have a car that has been designed, set up and tested thoroughly.