Ben Kidman

Race Engineer

Age: 23

From: Kent, United Kingdom

Course: BEng Motorsport Engineering with Professional Development

Level: Completed

Ben joined the TTZero team for its 2015/16 campaign and has stayed with the project for its 2016/17 run. He worked on the BX-16 bike’s energy capacity including battery layout, housing design, circuitry and battery optimisation in his first year with the project.

Ben graduated with a BEng in Motorsport Engineering in 2016. He has since worked with the team to make race management decisions; such as power-supply deployment strategies and research new technology developments within the market to maintain competitiveness. His industrial experience in battery market analyses help forecast the rate of lithium polymer battery development, focusing on high discharge rates.

In preparation for the 2017 season, Ben has also taken to enhancing the team’s online presence through content management for a website containing team profiling, social media presence and galleries.